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Whether you have come here seeking…

  • A solution to a chronic pain problem
  • Help recovering from an injury
  • To achieve a higher level of physical performance
  • Improved overall health

I can help you reach your goals.

At Marcotte Physiotherapy Clinic, you will experience a gradual re-awakening of your body’s need for movement. Your body was designed to move and move often.

Misuse, disuse, stress and trauma of the body passes unnoticed until we experience physical pain. Pain is the message the body uses to communicate with you. Pain gets you to ACT. No need to fear the pain, it is simply the messenger of dysfunction and/or malalignment in the body.

At my clinic, I want to help you understand the design of the body and how it functions. The physical symptoms you experience are the direct result of injury and/or postural dysfunction.

An injury does not mean you have to live in chronic pain. The body heals, it will move forward in life; you need to move beyond the fear and recapture the joy in life. Daily use of our body & mind in meaningful ways maintains both the structure and function of the body.

Successful treatment requries a commitment on your part, it means taking responsibility for your present state of health and taking the time to make positive changes in your lifestyle. My commitment to you is compassionate care.

The body is an amazing self healing organism. If you have the desire, I can show you the way to living pain free.

Your health is your wealth…..Let’s get started!

Stephanie Marcotte (registered physiotherapist)
(BSc.PT, BA)

Introduction: Defining the Problem

Riddle of the sphinx

What is it that has one voice and yet becomes four-footed, and two-footed and three-footed?
The human being initially crawls on all fours, walks on two legs for most of his adult life and then the structure seems to fail as many lean on a cane in their senior years.

Why is it that we learn to walk upright and often end up walking with a cane or seeking joint replacement surgery. Is it a tenet of aging that we become crippled or our activity level severely declines? Medicine abounds with successful interventions for infections, disease and generally increasing our life expectancy.

We live longer, but do we live better?

Why has it failed to protect us from simple bodily stiffness, aches and pains?

During the course of our lives, our sensory-motor system continually responds to daily stress and traumas with specific muscular reflexes. These reflexes become motor patterns which create habitual muscular contractions. These contractions become so deeply involuntary and unconscious that eventually we no longer remember how to move about freely. Form follows function….and our structure begins to change. The result is stiffness, soreness and a restricted range of motion. Eventually pain ensues and we are given a diagnosis based on our pain and where the dysfunction lies. For example, a degenerative condition in the back, knee osteoarthritis or shoulder rotator cuff dysfunction. Once the label is given, the reason for the impairment is often neglected. All efforts are directed at fixing the lesion- body parts cut out and/or replaced or medicated with anti-inflammatories or narcotics. What we are missing is that the body is a unit and the pain is a reflection of the dysfunction in the entire system. Fix the system and the pain will abate.

A client may have a diagnosis of arthritis or bursitis, but the medical name is just the label for the condition. It is the effect – not the cause? The cause often lies in the dysfunctional movement patterns of the client. Where in the body has structure broken down and allowed abnormal strain or wear patterns in a joint?

Perhaps, we need to start looking at the cause of pain and not just the effect. All the labels of degenerative changes, sprains, strains, swelling, numbness, tingling…can be changed with proper design function in the body. The body is not a weak, frail or compromised system; it is a highly intelligent, adaptive, self healing organism.

Let’s change our minds about our bodies!

What To Expect

First, I will begin the assessment  process with a fairly extensive interview about your history and current pain.  I will observe you standing and walking in order to assess your current structural patterns.  Specific objective tests are conducted to provide before and after benchmarks for range of motion, function, and to accurately focus on your personalized treatment program.  This evaluation process provides more detailed information about myofascial restrictions in specific areas of your body.

In order for me to assess you properly, please wear workout-type clothing. For woman, please wear/bring a tank top or sports bra and shorts. If you do not wear shorts, please bring a loose fitting pair of pants. For men; please wear/bring a t-shirt & shorts.

You may choose to download a New Client Information form and bring it with you to your first appointment.